Willy The Waver

by psgibson

Willy The Waver waved his arms all the year long, he only would stop when he would listen to his favorite song. As weird as that sounds, as crazy as it does look, Willy The Waver had a golden reason for why he shook. It’s a story for ages, one that will make you laugh and cry, so good it has never been written in pages, so mystical that angels whisper it down from the sky. It was one day that an angel told it to me, the story of how Willy came to be. It started on a dark and starry saturday night, the time Willy liked the best, everything felt so good and so right, it was the time he was better than the rest. You see, Willy was a dancing freak, that ruled the dance floor, he would dance in the clubs, the bars, and more. The people did love him and how he did groove, big fat bros would wish for his moves. The ladies would gush over Willy’s hot style, all women did love him for miles and miles. Out in the country, all over the towns, Willy would turn frowns upside down. But as nights left and the parties did end, Willy would stop dancing, and go home and pretend. He would dream of days that never did shine, that were as dark as the coal down inside the mine. He hated the sun and the days of his work, he wanted to move like an animal in the night and go bizerk! Dance and move and groove and fly! But the schedule of the world was set in place and made him just cry. “Why must I work from 9 to 5, I am but a human, I want to feel alive! I sit in this desk and stare at the screen, my moods are dull, and my boss is mean! There must be a way to escape this jail, filled with plastic, and lights and people so pale!” And at that moment Willy did foresee, he must quit his job and be who he must be. It was a Tuesday at work and everyone felt bummed, so depressed, so stuck, so very, very glum. Willy looked around and dashed off on a run, he ran out the door and yelled “I Quit!”, his boss starting screaming, but Willy didn’t give a shit! He ran into the streets, waving his arms, dancing down the sidewalk, setting off car alarms! Tourists snapped pictures! Workers were shouting! Willy started screaming with happiness and stopped all his pouting. He danced ways you would never believe, causing nuns so strict, to whistle at his sexiness down on their knees! The police men and robbers stopped fighting when Willy would pass. The hippies would drop their joints of green, dry grass. The children would wave at Willy, laughing with glee,Willy would scream to them “Be what you must be!” You see, Willy was a Waver, a Dancer, a Shaker, when he worked just for money he became such a faker. So let this lesson be a lesson for all, that if you feel such a void, you will not have a ball. You will not feel secure, content, and complete, until you start moving your little old feet. Scream with happiness and with charm! Be like Willy and wave with your arms! Willy is just an example, a story, a presentation, that all of us on earth have OUR OWN destination. // Willy The Waver by Patrick Sean Gibson // ***Oh, but wait, Pat! You said Willy would stop moving his arms when he listened to his favorite song. What song was that? — “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross , homie! #DUH!  Every time Willy would listen to that jam, although tempted to dance, he would close his eyes, bow for a moment of silence and recall the time he became who he was meant to be. LET THE WORLD KNOW WHO YOU WANT TO BE! // CLICK HERE NOW!