Chocolate Covered People: Sean Maydoney

by psgibson

Check it out my Chocolate Covered Addicts, this week I’m bringing you Round 5 of  “Chocolate Covered People“, a 6 question interview featuring the raddest and baddest creative individuals on the scene. For the fifth edition of this segment, I bring to you Mr. Sean Maydoney. Once known in the digital realm as ‘Ganja Ninja’, Sean was actually my first friend I met VIA the Internet. Sean’s a fucking cool dude and experiments with all sorts of Photography, amongst other art forms. Here are some recent shots from the long-haired mate! – Patrick Sean Gibson

1. Name? Sean Michael Maydoney Age? Twenty4 Occupation? I take care of horses and maintain the property at a Ranch. Location? Graton, Ca  Website? Fun Fact? I had my appendix removed, I have no appendix.

2. What kind of work do you create? Mostly I like to take photographs. I like to use film and prefer to use Black and White but I’ll use what I got. I have been starting to get more interested in writing. I also like to draw and paint.  What are the tools of your trade? Camera, pen/pencil, paper.

3. Who inspires you? Salvador Dalí, Matsuo Bashō, Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, Annie Liebovitz, Andreas Gursky, Weegee… to name a few. What inspires you? Dreams, books, music, movies, people, animals, the night sky, sunrises and sunsets, city lights, cartoons, rain. What is inspiration? purple

4. Describe the work you’re showcasing on Chocolate Covered Brain Cells. Photographs taken within the last couple months walking around downtown in Sonoma, California.

5. What are your future plans? I would like to keep up with my photography,  I always want to take more photos. I have had this idea about writing a zombie movie for a long time.. I want to make some progress with that. I would also like to do more writing in general. I have been writing some haiku, and would like to continue with that as well as explore other types of poetry.

6. Fill in the blank: Chocolate Covered Brain Cells is Gnar Gnar like Narnia.

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